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MLS W 020-040

MLS W 020-040 is a Mechanical System that stops the vehicle from being stolen by isolating the hydraulic or pneumatic system without altering the original system, it is absolutely immune to any electronic interference and virtually impossible to disable or remove.

It’s the only system approved, patented and recognized by the National Insurance Company Association (A.N.I.A.), THATCHAM (UK) and LLOYD’S of London. It’s considered the most effective anti theft system by many Earth Moving Machines Manufacturers and Rental Companies.

MLS W 020-040 finds great application in the field of construction equipment, trucks, tractors, commercial vehicles, cars and boats.

Ania Thatcham P3 Thatcham H3 Thatcham P2 LLOYD'S

To activate MLS it’s required to remove the security key from its lock: the irriproducible key is exclusively produced for our company by Euro-Locks (Belgium) and Evva (Austria).

Euro Locks Evva

MLS stops the vehicle being driven away by totally blocking it.


Download PDF: w 020-040

Watch the video: Video MLS