MLS started in 1993 following Dario Bartesaghi’s initial acquisition of the patent of the hydraulic mechanical anti-theft system (formerly named Meck Lock), completely revolutionizing the production and distribution of the system based on the market demand. Mechanical Line Solutions has made important and substantial improvements to MLS W 020-040, the mechanical anti-theft system, obtaining a new patent for industrial invention in 2010. Mechanical Line Solutions Srl is also the producer of a wide range of satellite trackers, suitable for any tracking requirement.

MLS is committed to understanding the needs of our customers in the field, and provide a safe, sure, effective and technologically advanced anti-theft solutions. With our wealth of commercial and production experience in the anti-theft industry, we are able to provide support to customers who wish to secure their vehicle or equipment and continue to offer operational support when required.

MLS products are exported all over the world, particularly to England and Japan.

MLS offers expertise, quality in installation and timeliness in technical assistance. These elements are fundamental for obtaining efficient systems over time, which are able to promptly communicate the event of theft when an alarm condition occurs.

Nowadays, theft is a problem which does not exclusively affect the automobile sector, but mainly involves commercial and industrial vehicles, in particular those for professional use such as excavators, wheel loaders, rollers, backhoe loaders, handlers and agricultural tractors.

Since 2012, Mechanical Line Solutions also produces the FP/MFP Fuel Purifier, which separates solid contaminants and water from diesel by specific weight.