EIMA 2018

NOVEMBER, 7th – 11th 2018

Tractors and construction machinery theft has unfortunately become increasingly common and the problem is growing in occurrences. The vehicles are stolen in shorter times, loaded onto trucks and transported abroad throughout a single night. The owner is left with a considerable economic loss, often installments to pay and an unnecessary complaint in the vain hope of finding the stolen property.

If on one hand the quality of thefts becomes more and more sophisticated, on the other, because of the huge amount of daily reports and the limited technologies in their possession, police forces are not able to guarantee the safety of the assets of companies and farmers. The key to protecting the interests of the owner is the Mechanical/Hydraulic Anti-Theft System and to facilitate any recovery operations is the Tracker.

The solution to put an end to the problem of tractor theft is Mechanical Line Solutions: MLS is the manufacturer of the real Mechanical Anti-Theft System that isolates the hydraulic part of the vehicle without altering its original functions. It completely locks down the vehicle preventing any movement and therefore the theft. The time and equipment necessary for the removal of the system are so complex that any thief would be forced to desist.

Thieves are anchored to the search for traditional technology, very valid in the past years, where wired satellites were installed in a limited number of vehicle parts (e.g. OBD connector) and were the best security systems available on the market. Today, this technology is logistically useful but obsolete against theft, being the first thing that any thief would look for on a vehicle.

MLS produces a wide range of wireless GSM/GPS/GPRS/WIFI satellite trackers, suitable for different needs, and at low cost. Thanks to their small sizes and long-lasting rechargeable batteries, MLS systems are easily concealable anywhere in the vehicle, making them almost impossible for thieves to find and allowing the owner to identify the stolen vehicle in real time from PC, Tablets and Smartphones. By providing the location data, police forces will always provide help for the recovery of the stolen vehicle in any country.

Mechanical Line Solutions systems have no annual operation centre costs.



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